'Re' Intro to Our Blog

Some of you may be familiar with our other recent blogs (see below), but we'll be blogging here exclusively now on our Given Grace website.

So what's that all about?

We've had this Given Grace website since the late 90's and have enjoyed posting a lot of stuff on here over the years (including entire pieces of our Christian curriculum).

We've had fun giving the site a complete makeover and starting from scratch some five times when we wanted to change direction with our posts or re-do all the static pages the publishing program required us to build.

This will be our sixth and final makeover of this site and we're going with a blog format.

We actually stopped posting static pages on here a while back when the publishing program we were using became old and unreliable, and the cost of a new program didn't make sense to invest in when blogspot was so kind to give us free blogs to use.

We had a short season (over the last year or so) playing with some blogs, but decided to interface one last blog onto our website and build all posts on here now. This means we're in the process of removing everything from the other blogs we started and our website and re-posting some of that stuff here, as well as adding a bunch of new stuff, too (our Lord willing). Those blogs were:

Christian Growth Ideas (to help equip Christians)
Refreshings Challenge (things already learned we were refreshing with)
Seeing Differently Now (a place to talk about different things of interest to us)

We still hope to talk about those things, but not on individual blogs now.

Another important factor (the most important one) in our decision to do one last blog here is that both John and I have eye maladies which will most likely worsen over the coming months and years (his vision is still very good, very thankfully, and thus much better than mine)!

We have decided to work together as a team on this one last effort of posting online, and we'll be using the skills that suit us both best for this blog. I'll be doing the majority of writing, so that means it will be me (Kim) speaking unless otherwise noted. Any comments you leave should be aimed at me (unless you want John's ear... then just address your comment to him and he'll answer it).

He'll be involved by contributing to many of the posts content, doing the very much needed proofreading, and overseeing everything! (Pun intended LOL! )


  1. I am so glad you will continue blogging. I think this is your best idea YET! I'm looking forward to future posts. Love to you both!

    1. Thank you so much, dear one! We are looking forward to blogging on here! :) :)


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