His Fingerprints

My eyesight has smudges (places that look like an eraser was used on a picture), and also a host of other anomalies I might talk about and try to illustrate on here one day. These smudges are from an eye disease I have and also from the many eye treatments I've had for it.

God is all powerful and the sovereign Ruler over everything, and He could easily heal my eyes. We've asked Him to, and He might someday while I'm still walking around here on this earth. I trust He will when I see Him face to face one day.

But as of this moment, He has not healed my eyes. And my sight continues to diminish.

Therefore, I see these smudges as His choice for me right now. So I've come to see them as His fingerprints on my sight... His gentle, sovereign, and loving fingerprints.

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