We are... Refreshing : God's Attributes

We are refreshing ourselves with these truths about some of God's non-communicable attributes.

Lord, we are in awe that You are...

eternal  (without any beginning or end)  (Ps 90:2; Is 40:28; Rm 16:26)

foreknowing  (knowing everything perfectly beforehand)  (1 Pt 1:2; Mt 6:8)

immortal  (possessing deathlessness)  (1 Tim 6:16a)

immutable  (unchanging)  (Mal 3:6a; Js 1:17)

infinite  (limitless, uncontainable)  (1 Kng 8:27)

inscrutable  (past being known completely)  (Is 55:9; Rm 11:33)

invisible  (not seen [the Father, Holy Spirit])  (Col 1:15; 1 Tim 1:17)
(yet seen in Jesus)  (Col 1:15)

omnipotent  (all powerful)  (Job 42:2; Ps 115:3; Mt 19:26)

omnipresent  (present everywhere)  (Ps 139:7[-10]; Pr 15:3)

omniscient  (all knowing)  (Ps 147:5b; Ps 44:21; 1 Jn 3:20b)

self-existent  (uncreated, having life in and of Yourself)  (Ex 3:14; Jn 5:26)

self-sufficient  (having no need of anything)  (Ps 50:10-12; Acts 17:25)

sovereign  (having absolute rule)  (Ps 103:19; Dan 4:32b; 1 Tim 6:15)

transcendent  (other than Your creation)  (Gen 1:1a; Jn 1:1,3; Col 1:16)
(yet imminent - You are near)  (Ps 34:18; Ps 145:18

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