Yummy Winter Soup

We love to make a variety of soups in the winter and almost always make enough of each one to have 2 to 3 meals of it for John and I over the course of a couple of days. We're fine with eating the same thing a few times in a row, but the extra could easily be frozen for meals later in the month. :)

Most of our soups are from scratch, but occasionally we appreciate using a few things to jump start the process. This soup is one of our favorites using a couple of things that cut the prep time down.

Saute in olive oil (in a Dutch oven on the stove top) peeled and sliced carrots (1 pkg raw / 9-10 carrots), bite-size celery chunks (1 bunch raw / 9-10 stalks), bite-size green bell pepper chunks (3 to 4 raw), and one minced pearl onion.

Once these vegetables are softened (but still a little crunchy) add water to cover the veggies and add 2 low-sodium beef bouillon cubes that have been crushed. Stir gently and add a large can of drained green beans and bring the soup to a medium boil.

While the soup comes to a boil, thaw 1 frozen package of 'Slow Simmered Hormel Beef Roast Au Jus' for about 2 minutes in the microwave (on a microwave safe plate - not in the plastic container it came in). Then separate the beef into bite-size chunks and add it and all its juice to the soup and add a pinch of salt and pepper and a little dried sweet basil to taste (the basil is the yummy ingredient for this soup). Bring the soup to a medium simmer and cook until the vegetables are to your desired softness / firmness. We like our veggies a bit crunchy.

We love to put some of this yummy winter soup into our 2 soup mugs, and sometimes top it off with a tablespoon of heavy cream. This soup tastes so good and is so good for our bodies!

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