Helpful Spiritual Growth Tools

When we started homeschooling our children we soon came to believe our family's spiritual growth and equipping with biblical knowledge and skills (geared toward knowing God and His plan for us) were the most important things we should concentrate on. To help make this belief a reality, we generated some helpful tools.

1. Be Able to... ©

This was an extensive list of spiritual knowledge and skills we believed should be learned. It was the 'what to learn' guide to give specific targets to aim at.

2. Spiritual Growth Curriculum ©

All of these were produced to include the various subjects, assignments, projects, helps, and resource ideas we had collected and generated for training toward the targets.

3. A Christian's Diagnostic Tool ©

This was compiled to assess the progress being made with the training and to help find and fill any gaps in the knowledge and skills.

4. Can You Produce...? ©

This was a 'challenge to produce' the actual spiritual knowledge and skills. It was along the lines of senior finals in school to see if the things learned had come to be owned - just 'knowing' information or knowing about something is not the same as actually being able to do them and live them out.

5. Creative Treasurings ©

These are various creative ways to format the things learned to make them more memorable and retrievable. The Refreshings pages and Rehearsings lists from this group turned out to be extremely helpful to us.

Note : the subject matter for each of the above tools was essentially the same with some variances and improvements through the years.

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