From Our Notes : When Speaking

Remember : it's lonely when you only speak to and of yourself, especially if there is a person in front of you trying to converse with you.

. Listen to them, hear what they say, think about what they are telling you.

. Give them an answer that corresponds to their question.

. Let them know you heard them, even if you have no words or answers to give. (a nod or a polite grin works fine)

. Give them eye-to-eye contact, not eye-to-i-pod contact.

. Speak to them, not over or through them, nor to your own feet (as enthralling as you may find them).

. Do not speak within yourself... as though enjoying your own conversation.

. Project your words so the person can hear and understand you.

. Watch the impact your words have on them and see nuances in their reaction, in their body language.

. Catch cues that indicate they comprehend what you said, or that express their total confusion.

Move beyond yourself. Push and stretch your own skin and remember the other person has skin you don't want your words to bounce off of, but to slip beneath and reach up into their heart.


  1. Great advice! I need to improve in this area.

    1. Oh, don't we all! That's why these things are in our notes - to remind ourselves! :)


Thank you so much for your comment!