Real Life is Smooshed!

[A slightly revised re-post.]

I don't at all mean smooshed in a bad way, as in flattened or squashed. I mean smooshed in a good way, like many different colors retaining their own hue at core while bleeding ever so slightly around the edges into the next colors making a breathtakingly beautiful collage.

Let me speak plainly (because I love plain speakers)! I am talking about blogging in general, and this blog specifically and what you can expect to find on it (and why).

I like the way some people have multiple blogs, one for each subject: a food and recipe blog, another one for theology, and a separate one for pictures of God's beautiful creation. Doing them separately seems so organized and orderly and that appeals to me. You know what to expect when you click on each site.

And while I tend to think in those terms (with happy little organized and separate boxes for each subject), I find real life isn't compartmentalized like that. It's more organic and incongruous, growing in many different directions at the same time, while simultaneously living symbiotically with the whole.

And because of this I've concluded this blog will reflect what life is like with its many different subjects under one roof.

For example... I cook. I read theological books. I do laundry. I discuss serious issues with John. I play with my grandchildren. I marvel once again at the truth found in the first few chapters of Ephesians. I fondly reminisce about our homeschooling days. I make necessary changes for our health's sake. I use 'The Mental Checklist' to help me discern, and I watch an occasional good movie. All this and much more in one life - all smooshed and very happily existing together!

I guess I could have just said I want to put a lot of different stuff on here. sigh...

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