Spiritual Growth Ideas We Want to Share

Early on in our homeschooling years a fellow homeschooler asked what we were doing for the subject of 'Bible' in our studies. To answer her, we compiled a piece of curriculum listing what we were doing and in what order, giving resource ideas and samples of the work that could be done.

Launching from there, we revised that original information in subsequent editions adding greatly to it, and in some we included the answers and actual teachings, as well. (We later decided it was better for people to learn to dig into God's Word for themselves for answers and to gain the knowledge and skills the ideas can produce, so we excluded the answers and teachings after that.)

We need to say... God causes all true spiritual growth! If there were no ideas of good things to learn and do - He, His Holy Spirit, and His Word are more than sufficient to enable any person who has been reconciled to Him through Jesus, to grow 'in Him.'

Side note : we believe children are to learn the Scriptures from their childhood that are able to give them wisdom that leads to salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus (2 Timothy 3:15). We also believe that unbelievers can come to faith by hearing... the word of Christ (Romans 10:17) as God draws them to Himself (John 6:44a). The point is to hear and learn God's Word!

Our part in this has always been to share ideas of things that have helped our family grow in Christ through the years and that might help and encourage others also. We have always seen the things in our curriculum as supplemental, though they do cover excellent things from the basics to more advanced studies.

The ideas were originally for training children in the home who were given a lot of time and care to learn of God and His Word. But they have also been used for entire busy families, as well as to help with discipling new believers of all ages, for filling in gaps for more mature believers, for using in Sunday School classes, Bible studies, home fellowships, and also for training loved ones who are in public / private schools after they get home. In other words, they are flexible to use in a huge variety of settings.

OK. Enter a brain twister (for me, Miss Please Keep Everything Organized and In Order Kim)! I just spent the last few years pulling all our different kinds of curriculum (over 30 pieces now) apart on purpose! to present the things in them as a myriad of individual ideas in a stand-alone random fashion to you - rather like a smorgasbord for you to pick and choose from. I hope any and all of the ideas you may want to do will be a great adventure for you and your family! 

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