A Dead-End?

Do you ever feel like you've been doggedly sticking to a mountainous and winding road you thought had your name on it, only to find it's a dead-end?

And it's a dead-end because that's what God ordained for you. He never planned for the road to go all the way through, or it certainly would have. You didn't know that, though, until you reached the end of it (or you might have tried not to take it).

Yet... the road did have your name on it, and you can see it did as you start to head back down on it. God gave it your name and mapped it out for you ahead of time. He supplied many things for you to learn and do on that road, and because He perfectly orchestrated it, it became the only road that would accomplish all His will for you.

Even now as you once again arrive at the beginning of the road (and the assumption is you will find a new road to travel next) you look back and see an array of beauty and a bounty of fruit brought about by that dead-end road He laid out for you.

So you decide 'dead-end' just doesn't fit what the road has been to you. God traveled it with you and He taught you on it, beauty was seen, good fruit came about. And even though it had an unexpected 'turn-around' at the top of it you know you would take this road with Him again, and gladly, if you believed He wanted you to!

But for now, it's time to change direction! Do you suppose there's a new path up the mountain to be found? 

(Written as I change plans for this blog. 'We make our plans, but God directs our steps!' Proverbs 16:9. ~Thank You, Lord!~)

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