Funny Papers : Yoder Hair

We like the Funny Papers of our family life because we think keeping a gentle sense of humor is a wonderful thing!

We were at a 'Sing' late one Sunday afternoon - where everyone blends in harmony singing hymns a cappella and people take turns blessing the congregation with individual songs.

I reach up to the dear older gentleman in the pew in front of me to pull one lone and very long white hair off his neck. It's obviously mine from the quick hug I had just given this dear friend in greeting a few minutes before. Tug. What? It doesn't budge! Oh man, it's attached! I immediately let go and slink back into my seat.

Thankfully, I see that neither he nor his sweet wife notice anything because they don't move a muscle. Whew! My failed attempt at being 'helpful' went undetected.

Moments later during the next hymn I see his wife, without turning her head or saying a word, reach her arm around behind her husband's neck and snap the wayward hair off. I can also see that both of them are smiling broadly.

I am so busted!

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