Gospel Studies

These are some of the studies we are doing regarding the gospel.

. The Gospel Defined  (an in-depth definition, a succinct simplified definition)

. In the Beginning, God  (it all starts with God, He ordained the gospel - verses)

. Gospel Verses : Verbatim  (verses that contain the word 'gospel' - glean and list bible facts from them)

. Gospel Verses : Plainly (verses that do not contain the word 'gospel' but that clearly express it - listed and studied)

. How Jesus Shared The Gospel  (how He presented Himself and His Good News, the various ways He shared the one message - listed and studied)

. Gospel Facets  (the individual parts of the whole - listed and studied)

. Gospel Aspects  (what Jesus did - listed and studied)

. Gospel Blood and Cross  (verses containing these two elements - what they mean, what they do not mean)

. Gospel Presentations  (gathering them - practicing and using them)

. God's Sovereignty in Gospel Giving  (as relates to our imperfect sharing of the gospel - His absolutely essential work)

. Gospel Reminders  (the gospel is not just for our initial salvation, but for our entire lives - importance of and ways to remind ourselves of this regularly)

. Gospel Declarations  (gospel truths personalized using language that exhibits our appropriation of them)

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