(Re-Post) There I Go Again

(This is a re-post from one of our other older blogs - with a few revisions to it. I'm hoping to slowly post some of our previous work on this blog before closing all other ones. The irony is not lost on me that the content of this particular post from years ago is still an ongoing life experience for me. sigh... )

Do you see me here? Behind the scenes trying to organize everything?

So what labels / categories will I use on this blog? And what formats will I use for the different kinds of posts? And which method of recording the posts do I want to use this time?

And what content do I want on here and which of the (literally over 16,000) files do I need to pull from and prepare stuff from so I can easily post it all? And how will I ever write all this stuff?

Oh, and exactly what is this blog's purpose in life? Tell me again why I'm doing it? What's its theme so I can stick with it? Does it even have a theme? Does it have multiple themes? Oh yeah, we decided it would.

And look at that! While I'm working out these details (and a bazillion more) no actual posts - or not many considering how many potential ones there are - are getting put online yet because I'm still busy with all my organizing! (Is there such a thing as Organizers Anonymous? If there is, I need it! LOL!)

This challenge comes from decades of writing informational type curriculum where the gathering of content and the pre-organizing of it (or in this case the over-organizing, and then re-organizing the over-organized stuff, aka a scope and sequence style) have been crucial to the finished product. You've got to know what you want to say ahead of time and in what order, right? Well, maybe. Or maybe not.

I forget (again and again) that I'm supposed to just talk on this blog. Be conversational. But that's a problem because it's not my first and easiest language when writing - informational-ese is.

I probably just need to begin talking to you and writing! Like I am now. And I may still get to do some occasional informational writing, too.

Quick! I need a file folder to organize all these thoughts into! (Or perhaps I'll just learn to ignore that urge from now on.)

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