Time to Prep

My vision has just taken another major step in the wrong direction, so it's time to prep our home with more helps for these new impairments.

It's also time to prep our blog 'home' with more helps for my fellow visually impaired readers, as well as make it easier for me to keep working on here.

I've been exceedingly blessed that the process of worsening vision has been going slowly over the last decade. I still see everything ~Thank You, Lord!~ it's just getting more splotchy and wobbly and obscured.

Thankfully, I can still read (using a monitor hooked up to my laptop and a Kindle reader for books - regular ones are pretty much out these days) but it's becoming a bit more frustrating and challenging, especially with certain blogs, articles, and memes on Facebook. I'm not referring to difficulty with the content of what is written, but to hindrances like long paragraphs and large amounts of writing (which can usually only be skimmed), ornate styles of font, small sizes of font, and lavish colors and illustrations (too much embellishment makes it harder to read).

Shouldn't I try to avoid unnecessary hindrances on here? Yeah, that's what I was thinking, too. Being part of a community of visually impaired now, I'm beginning to feel a responsibility to do what I can to be more helpful on this front. I realized I've been writing to sighted readers up to this point, but attention to the needs of visually impaired readers will now be a goal as well.

I've been getting an education on ways to make this blog more accessible for everyone. And as my education continues the guidelines continue to change.

. use an easy to read font type, and a larger font size

. use 'vision helps' like bolding in key places, . bullets, removing most italics, and helpful spacing with what's written

. be brave and adventurous enough to be freed up from normal conventions of punctuation and grammar (for the purpose of making what is written easier to read - and write - as is deemed necessary)

. using shorter paragraphs and some incomplete sentences (gasp! oh wait, I've been doing that for a while already. LOL!)

. making any definitions, explanations, and instructions brief and simplified

. (I was going to add the subject categories before the post titles as suggested but then saw that no vision impaired people's blogs actually do that, so I won't)

I'm sure I'll find other changes to make in the future.

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