Eager to Dig Into This Book!

John and I are going to greatly enjoy going through this book we just downloaded on our Kindle! It's been a few years since we last went through a systematic theology book.

We are eager to be refreshed once again on the great doctrines of the Bible!

This book was written by John MacArthur and Richard Mayhue


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    1. We can't wait to dig into it! But we haven't made any formal plans to share what we learn from this huge book (1000+ pages - which will take us a while to go through). We're just eager to be doing another personal refresher in Bible doctrines and thought we'd share about this great book. If a rhythm of learning and sharing happens (on this blog or on Facebook) that would be fine. Or if you and I discuss these things in our phone and email conversations, that would be cool! (Perhaps that's what you meant anyway. LOL!). We'll see what may develop as a result of this study! I know one thing that will... John and Kim's hearts will be saying 'Yumm!' a whole lot!


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