How Should We Then Live?

If you have Amazon Prime... there is a video series available right now to watch for free.

It's called 'How Should We Then Live?' a 1977 film with Francis Schaeffer teaching the material found in his book of the same name. We're up to episode 3 and it's great to see this (again? finally? can't remember). We read the book a long time ago.

By the way today is February 17, 2018 - and this is important info because Amazon does not keep their free videos/movies online forever. They rotate them out after a bit. Looks like it's also available to purchase on DVD. (My guess is those may be first come, first serve - with limited copies available.)



  1. We started watching it tonight. I'm learning a lot about Christian history. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. We'll be watching the last episode today. D.V. The series has presented some interesting and helpful information. (Might try to watch it again and take more notes.) Would love to talk about it when you guys finish. :)


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