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Often what I write has nothing to do with this blog, but it's what takes up my best writing time for the day (meaning... nothing gets posted on here). Just thought I'd share some excerpts from what I wrote this morning to a very dear young mom. Perhaps it will help others who are fairly new to the moving scene.

The two connected issues she asked help for were when to start packing and how to decide what would be needed until the move (in other words what not to pack just yet). She was due to move in 10 days, so I wrote...

"We've moved more times than I care to count in our almost 44 years of marriage. I've learned that as soon as I know we will be moving... that is the time to start packing - even if the move is still a couple of months away. I have found the more I get done at a leisurely pace each day beforehand, the MUCH LESS stress there is come the day of the move and the more prepared I am.

(Shared a freckle about our moves.)

You are pregnant, so it might be good to think in terms of slow, steady, and light work now so you won't have to strain or overwork your body with too much to do right at the end. (Learned that one the hard way. LOL!) Don't hesitate to ask for help packing (but if you are like me and want to know where everything is - a tremendous help if your husband asks you where something is - you will want to pack and label the boxes yourself or at least oversee it).

As for what you will need over the next week or two (until you get resettled)... you could think in terms of being away on a vacation and set aside (or pack in your suitcases) only those things you would actually take with you for it (clothes, toiletries, etc.) and then start living out of the suitcases. Since your move is pretty imminent you won't have to do this for very long. With those set aside everything else is fair game for being packed. The exceptions are if you plan to cook - do only the minimum and keep out only what you truly need, and also keep out your cleaning supplies.

Of course you can wait to pack whatever else you feel you just have to keep out until the end - but look at each thing with this thought... would you be doing without the thing if you were away on vacation? If you would, you can pack it! You can do without it for a mere week. 

A fool-proof way to get over any fear of packing too early... if everything is packed and you find you really do need a particular thing - if your boxes are labeled you can go to the right box, take the thing out and use it, and when done pack it back up. Super simple!"


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    1. Thanks! I hope it's of some help to this young mama and perhaps others. I enjoy when something asked matches something I can actually speak to - provided I can just make what I say understandable and do-able. LOL!


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