A 'Lot' of Prayer

A unique and interesting way to pray for others is to do it according to the draw of the 'Lot.'

In the Bible people would sometimes cast lots to determine the will of God (trusting He was directing the outcome of it). But we don't need to do that today because we have God's Word and His Holy Spirit to teach and guide us.

However, doing A 'Lot' of Prayer can be helpful to train those we disciple in praying for others since it gives them what they need to get started: a person's name and an appropriate Bible verse to pray for them.

1. Write, or type out, various Bible verses on small pieces of paper (one verse per piece of paper) that would be appropriate to pray for others. Put these in a basket, bowl, jar, or small bag.

2. Write, or type out, various people's names on small pieces of paper (one name per piece of paper). Put these in a separate basket, bowl, jar, or small bag. These names can be family members, friends, neighbors, your pastor, government officials, etc.

3. Randomly pull out one person's name + one Bible verse and pray the verse for them. Record in a notebook (or whatever means you use these days) who was prayed for and what was prayed and put the date on the entry.

Name: Bill K.
Scripture: Colossians 1:9b
Prayer: We prayed that Bill would be filled with the knowledge of God's will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding. In Jesus' Name. Amen!
Date Prayed: March 2, 2020

You may find afterwards (as we would at times) that what you prayed for a person corresponded to something they needed or were going through at the time. What a tremendous blessing and honor praying for them was for us!

Try it! J

Note: we enjoyed doing this as a family decades ago (and as an old married couple a few minutes ago for Bill K), but can't remember who we heard / read it from or who they got it from. We sure do thank them, though!

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