An Update

It is a beautiful late October day and our move is complete now and we are thanking and praising God for His grace and mercies to us!

We are so grateful for every kindness He's given us during these past months and this weekend's move, kindnesses that have come through our children and our grandchildren - dear loved ones who made this move so do-able and so JOY FILLED!

Rejoice with us! :) :)

Christian Skills

When we started homeschooling our children we soon came to believe our family's spiritual growth and equipping with biblical knowledge and skills (all geared toward knowing God and His plan for us) were the most important things we should concentrate on. (I hope to talk more about this in the future.)

To help make our belief a tangible reality, I generated some tools.

1. Be Able to... © was a list of our spiritual goals, things we believed should be learned. It was the what to learn guide to help keep us on target.

2. Next was all the Spiritual Growth Curriculum © written during our homeschool years (and beyond). In these were subjects, assignments, projects, helps, and resource ideas collected and generated for training in the various areas.

3. Then to assess the progress being made with the training, A Christian's Diagnostic Tool © was compiled to help find gaps needing to be filled.

4. Finally in this series, a test called Can You Produce...? © was constructed to be a challenge to produce the actual spiritual knowledge and skills. This was somewhat along the lines of senior finals in school to see if the things learned had come to be owned. (Just 'knowing' information or knowing about the things was so not the same as actually doing them, living them out.)

The subject matter for each of the above tools was essentially the same with a few minor variances.

The hope is to post many of the subject ideas on here as individual entities in a random fashion rather like a smorgasbord of ideas you can choose from. We'll also be building one page of links to those entities which puts them into helpful, organized groups. (For the list see the page at the top of this blog called Christian Skills.)

God enabling me. J

Good Eye Days, Bad Eye Days

Having a 'good eye' is connected with generosity and having a 'bad eye' is connected with stinginess.

See this great article on the issue:

I frequently talk about having 'good eye days' when I can see better than usual, and 'bad eye days' when my vision is cloudier and it's much more difficult to see things clearly (after an eye bleed, or new scarring, or a medical procedure has been done).

Guess my eyes are being generous on the good eye days and quite stingy with sight, the little stinkers, on bad eye days. :)

A Resting Place

My soul finds rest in God alone
My peace depends on Him
And in that place of quiet rest
He fills me from within

He pours on me His holy oil
The Spirit of Adonai
Then He takes me by His hand
Comforts me with His love
Comforts me with His love

Those who wait upon the Lord
New strength He gives to them
He gives them wings like the eagle
That they might soar with Him

He weaves His strength into our lives
Spirit of Adonai
Then He gives us all of His peace
To guard our hearts and our minds
Abba guarding our hearts and minds

Come my soul, take your rest
And find your peace in Him
The Holy Presence of the Lord
Will fill you from within

O pour on me Your holy oil
Spirit of Adonai
Fill my cup, I lift it up
Until I overflow

O pour on me Your holy oil
Spirit of the living God
Fill my cup, Lord, I lift it up
Until I overflow

(worship song by Paul Wilbur)

Gleanings: From and For Affection

An interesting article was the springboard for these simplified notes:

a. we worship God from affection (an overflowing love for Him, to Him)

b. we worship God for affection (doing as we ought - worshiping Him because He is worthy - not focusing on our ever-changing feelings or moods but focusing on Him, and finding an overflowing love for Him, to Him, rising in doing this)

Note: ht for the article found at...

You Just Have to Do the Thing

Sometimes you just have to do the thing,

and all the reasons that make it look impossible right now

will have to hold their breath.

An Update

The summer has slipped by and children are heading back to school... and we have thoroughly enjoyed our time here with our daughter and her family these past 3 months!

This time of rest has been peaceful and rejuvenating. And also invigorating at times! They are one busy family. :)

We are approaching the other leg of our move soon (the preparation of the place we hope to move into is almost finished). We do not think of our time here as a delay in our plans - knowing all things are in our Lord's perfect timing - but rather as a gift from Him, a tremendous blessing, that He planned.

We are so grateful for the love and welcome and harmony we have found in this home.

One of the many things we will miss when we leave is our granddaughter's knock on the bedroom door asking if we can play 'Go Fish' or 'Monopoly Junior' with her, and the way she says, 'Grandma, we're hooome' each time she and her mama get back after an outing during the day. Just too sweet!

Thank You, Lord, for Your kindness to us. This has been so fun!

An Update

The first leg of our long anticipated move is done! Now for a brief time of rest at a beautiful and incomparable 'Bed and Breakfast.' Tina, Dave, and Zoe you have gone above and beyond anything we could have imagined to make our stay with you (while waiting for our new place to be readied) a tremendous blessing! Thank you guys! And thank You, Lord, for Your wonderful GRACE!

Oh, and John starts a new job on Monday morning. His unemployment lasted two weeks (and it came exactly when he needed the time off for this 'first leg of our move')! God's timing for all things is perfect and we are exceedingly GRATEFUL!

We hope to be posting on here again very soon!



If you don't have a Bible software program, or if you have one and would like to check out another great one, take a look at E-Sword. It's free and we've been using it for many years now and find it to be reliable and super easy to use.

If you download and use it, prayerfully consider sending a donation to them to help with this great ministry. (By the way, we have no affiliation with E-Sword and get no compensation for recommending it. But we would gain great joy knowing others were making use of this great Bible Study tool!)

You can get to their website using the E-Sword icon in the left margin of this blog, or by clicking here:

Beautiful Feet

After trekking through the mountains of Papua New Guinea to bring the Gospel, the good tidings of reconciliation between God and man through Jesus Christ, to the tribes there, Russell Deibler developed an advanced case of jungle rot in his feet.

His young wife Darlene had to clean and care for his diseased feet while he recuperated. In her book 'Evidence Not Seen' Darlene Deibler Rose writes about this and Dr. Robert Jaffray and his reaction to it...


One morning after Russell had told the final episode of his story, Dr. Jaffray walked into the bedroom and saw me tearing the dead tissue off Russell's feet, the blood and pus running.

A wave of nausea passed over his face; then he turned and without a word abruptly left the room. He closeted himself in his bedroom...

About four that afternoon, he walked out and laid a manuscript on the table in front of me. I picked it up and read the editorial for our field magazine, The Pioneer: 'This morning I looked at the bleeding feet of a missionary, saw his wife tending them, saw the blood and pus running from them and thought to myself, "What a nauseating sight that is!"

But, as I walked from the room... I remembered - "How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of them that bring good tidings" - good tidings to men and women like those in New Guinea...'

It is true. We are enabled to see beauty! in some of the most difficult things when viewed through the lens of our Lord's Word and His eternal perspective.