If at first you don't succeed...

... try, try again!

I'm going to find out if it's possible to start blogging on here again

(vision - zooms [energy] - and brain cells allowing). Lol!

My hope is that I'll be able to!

And John's hope is that he'll be able to do a little writing now, too.

We're both excited about that!

If you happen to read this, your prayers for us toward that end

would be greatly appreciated!

Okie dokie! Here we go...

We have been praying!

We have been praying... for a dear one who was critically injured by a fall from a ladder.

Today is Matthew Bullen's 9th day since the accident and after many tests and procedures to begin the healing process his doctors and family are now waiting for him to respond to them once again (he had responded a little bit at the beginning of his hospitalization but has not responded since). He remains in critical condition but his doctors believe he will live. Praise God!

Continued prayers for various medical needs arise from day to day (healing from the pneumonia he has developed, his intubation tube to come out and his ability to breathe on his own, for him to respond to them, and many other things). We are grateful his wife, Lisa, and some of his children are able to keep people updated on his condition and needs. It has been reported there are literally millions of people praying for Matt around the world. We have joined our prayers with theirs since the accident. Would you please consider praying for this dear family?

We have known and loved Matt and his sweet family for over 20 years, having been neighbors to them (we lived in an apartment below them). We've known them to be involved in many capacities in God's work, and at present they have developed a wonderful ministry called Mission Critical International.


We are hoping and praying for a complete recovery for Matt and for God's sustaining and comforting hand to provide all that Lisa and their family needs so they can ALL continue in this wonderful work God has given them. For more information about them and the ministry please click this link : Mission Critical International

And please pray!

This Will Characterize a Christian

(remember : we are growing toward Christian maturity - being conformed to the image of Christ - and this is one of the things we are blessed to pursue)

being blameless, above reproach (as in Titus 1:6,7, 1 Tim 3:2)

a. unaccused - without a deserved accusation against us (especially in a court of law)

b. unaccusable - having nothing an adversary can seize upon with which to base a charge against us

inculpable, blameless, unrebukable, irreprehensible - not deserving rebuke or censure (a closer translation giving the true meaning of the word)

so not merely unaccused (free from any deserved legal charge)
but also unaccusable (free from anything an adversary might use against us)

Theology For Wee Ones

This helpful book explains what theological terms and concepts wee ones (children two years of age through sixth grade level) can learn and when they will usually be able to learn it.

Teaching on Target by Dr. Robert Choun and Jane Willson Choun


. available through Amazon
. caveat (for all books other than the bible) : read with discernment

Mountain of Gratitude

Just watched (via the internet) last week's sermon at the church in Colorado our son and his family attend. It was wonderful to see and hear God's good Word they are being fed there. The pastor/teacher did a great job of opening up the bible passages he taught.

To say we are excited for our kids kinda sounds puny next to this mountain of gratitude we have! Praise God!


A beautiful old Irish hymn speaking the truth
and refreshing the heart this early morning.

(Before the Throne of God Above)

Areas of Ministry Prep

Some key areas to become prepared to minister in :

Bible  (learn good skills in God's Word)

Theology  (learn an accurate and deep knowledge of theolgy)

Church  (become able to thrive in the community of faith)

Service  (invest in a life given to serving in faith)

Missions  (be a part of establishing the faith - worldwide)

Evangelism  (share the faith - usually one on one)

Discipling  (teach, instruct, and model the faith to others)

Counseling  (minister God's Word in faith to others)

Apologetics  (defend the faith - usually outside the church)

Polemics  (argue for the faith - attacking error, usually within the church)

We are... Refreshing : Justice and Mercy

Difference between justice and mercy for the one who sins (that's all of us) :

a. the one whose sin has not been forgiven (because they have not believed on Jesus for salvation) :

Justice... will be given, they will receive the punishment that is deserved

b. the one whose sin has been forgiven (because they have believed on Jesus for salvation) :

Mercy... will be given, a withholding of the punishment that is deserved

Reminiscing About My Lovely Mom

Today is Mother's Day... so I'm sharing a picture of my lovely mom when she was a child.

                                              Frances Lorene

God's Love

Making preparations today for our family's celebration of Christ's birth!

Cleaning, decorating, dancing, preparing food, feeling extremely grateful for life and breath, singing along with some good oldies from Hosanna, and enjoying this wonderful reminder of God's love!

('Your Love' by Marty Nystrom and Don Moen, from the album Come to the Table)

God's love was why He sent His Son, Jesus, into this world, and we who have believed on Jesus for salvation will never perish, but will have everlasting LIFE! That can be you, too, this Christmas! (see John 3:16)